Save well in 2014 with Home Budget Mobi

We are on our way to welcoming 2014.

How do we feel about 2013? Do we feel that we could have been better on saving money, planning our expenses and income in a much more organized way?

Every year we make certain promises and goals to ourselves, and to our near and dear ones. Do we feel satisfied about our performance?

We realized that we became better ourselves in 2013 while developing personal finance apps, and thought of taking some simple steps that could help you be more active towards ensuring a healthier financial future.

We felt that been able to see, visualize and share the budget on the phone is a very productive engagement. Not only the budget, but all kinds of financial apps too. For us, it gives us new levers to grow and add value in what we can do well – develop spreadsheet based apps. Keeping these thoughts at the forefront, we have been able to successfully execute and publish our first iphone app – Home Budget Mobi. It can be purchased from the itunes store from here.

We are eager to hear about your feedback and experience. Please write to us at Hope you find the app productive.

Note – Wish to also share that the app is available on iPad, Android tablet (7″ and 10″) and Android phones (Samsung S3, S4). The reference links are listed below -

[1] itunes store -

[2] Google Play Store -

[3] Amazon app store -  (Home Budget is currently rank #4 in the top 100 best sellers in the Finance category).

Update for apps on the Apple devices

Thank you so much for helping us sustain and scale our efforts to develop quality apps for the Apple devices. We are going through a launch cycle of our apps on the latest version of iOS, that is iOS7. Our apps work great on devices running iOS 6.1 or less. For our dear users, who have upgraded to the latest version of iOS (iOS 7), we would be sharing updates on all our apps during the coming week. Invoice Suite app has been currently updated for iOS 7. Please update your app at the earliest.

Note for our new users using latest iOS 7 devices

We wish to share that you might not be able to save a file if you are running iOS7. This is a known issue, and we have already resolved it. You would be able to use the app easily with this bug fix after updating the app. We’ll be sharing an update very soon, and would keep you posted on it. You would be able to receive this update once Apple review team puts the update to sale.

 On the same note, we are introducing the autosave functionality and have improved the input box for entering entries. We do believe this would enable you to have a better experience.
In the meantime, we could provide you the webapp version of the app that you have purchased. You could run it on any browser on any machine. You could export the file as an html or xls depending upon what would be most productive.
Please let us know whether this would be helpful at marketing<at>tickervalue<dot>com

Thank you so much.



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